Children emulating their gambling parents

A recent study has revealed that children also pick up the habit of gambling from their parents. The study done by Gamblers rehab centre (GRC) revealed that about 93% of six hundred primary school children that were surveyed had gambled.

Most of the children were even gambling presently especially on family celebrations like weddings. Then children gambled in schools, sports academy and any other social activity that brought them together. The children used real money in their gambling games.

Gambling is considered by children as a sure way of having fun and they even make money out of it.

The same study found out that 89% of 5000 secondary school students were practicing gambling even presently. This study was conducted between the months of March and December, 2013. The findings of this research show how addiction in gambling can begin early in a person’s life. Most of the children that gambled were not good performers academically.

Most of the kids learnt it from their parents

According to the study a bigger percentage of the children began gambling with the family members. To be exact 82% of the children were introduced into gambling by family members.45 % of the children were introduced into the practice by their friends while 38 began gambling on the internet, 32 percent began gambling in the gambling zones. Only 12 percent began gambling in schools.

Now that world cup is around the corner many children are waiting to try their luck by placing bets, warns Lee Kim Heng who is the GRC chief operating officer.

“Many enjoy an occasional flutter of gambling, but for some, it can be highly destructive as they will not stop when a game ends. “It is a repeated phenomenon with the rise during certain periods, such as the football and festive seasons.”

“Gambling is becoming easier for them as they do not have to go to a casino or gambling outlet.

“It is easily available through the Internet, social networks via computers, tablets or Smartphones.

“With new technologies, one can gamble any time, even in classrooms,” he added.

Lee also noted that most parents are aware that their children gamble but are not doing anything to help them shun the bad habit.

“It is not okay for parents to let their children gamble. They need to know the dangers and how destructive the habit can be as one can be easily hooked.

“When a child gambles with even one cent, it will go deep into his or her mind that it can help make fast money,” Lee warned.

Mr. Lee also warned that teenagers are the ones facing gambling problems the most. The teenagers are most rebellious and will turn to things that will give them alternative company as opposed to that from the family members they have rebelled from. Their peers who are already addicted to the act entice them to join the practice.

According to Mr. Lee it will be very helpful if parents helped their children to stay away from gambling especially by warning them of the dangers of the practice. He also said that it will be of great help if several NGOs will come up to help the teenagers to quit gambling.

“Parents and teachers should do more to warn children about the risks and dangers of gambling.” Mr. Lee concluded.

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